Daughters; Preteen/Teenager

It’s not an easy journey but it’s a rewarding one. ✌️

There’s nothing in this world like having a daughter. Someone you can play dress-up with, have nail days, matching outfits. Until they hit the stage where everything you do as a parent, especially the mom, is wrong.

My daughter is 12 and turning 13 next month! The big 13! Wow. Time has really flew by. But what hadn’t changed is my attitude. Yes she has my attitude and most days I get on my own nerves. Although, I’ve calmed down alot since being a teenager. Boy, that girl is so much like me!

Those buttons we used to push on our parents, my daughter pushes them on me. She is a great kid to be quiet honest! Smart, all around sports girl from cheering, softball, volleyball and basketball! The whole nine yards. What so amazing about her is that whatever she does, she gives more than 100% everytime.

While she has those good grades and all that sports in her, she’s just a goofy, kind hearted soul. You’ll never find another like her! She’s turning out to be a wonderful girl with the whole world ahead of her.

Ok, I kinda slipped off subject. Lol. Back to those crazy hormones they go through. I’ve found something that helps… Give them space! Not space to not be involved but space to breathe. It’s hard being a kid ar that age and having everything to deal with let alone being pushed at home to do more. Just my opinion but I found it does wonders! Take them shopping (if you can handle the fits) lol, for hair days, nail days and do that whenever you can.

Life’s hard enough we shouldn’t be making it harder on them. We as parents are there safe place, where they run to when the world is mean. Be your children’s peace and safe place. They will thank you in the long run.

My sweet girl and I. 🖤

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading. ✌️

ADHD; not so bad after all

Plenty of people look at ADHD, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, as something bad. Most kids, including my 6 year old son, get labeled bad kids. I’ll be as honest as I can, yes for over a year it was hell. Meetings with teachers, principles, doctors, and therapist. It was a long road!

Now, here we are a year later. A year of therapy and medication. We can ALL finally breathe again! My son can concentrate and stay calm with most situations that you wouldn’t think would be a problem. He has always been great with school work, his behavior, not so much. Unbelievable but his behavior has improved dramatically.

We still have hard days as I’m sure we will always, but bad days don’t last! We’re only human. I know I have bad days, sometimes too. ✌️

What I learned:

Every child is different. Every single child is different. What I can do with my 12 year older for discipline doesn’t work with my 2 and 6 year old. Now my stepson, he’s 10 and not even going to lie. He is a pretty awesome kid! Hardly ever do you have to say anything to him.

I’ve found it’s all about balance. Balance is key! You know when your kids are getting irritated, hyper or maybe you’ve had long morning and forgot to give his meds as soon as he gets up. (Yeah, I’ve did that.) Momma slacks some days! Lol

He loves to read, do math, and draw. Those are his “getaways”. Now that he can sit and have a conversation and concentrate without his mind wondering and not being able to sit still, oh that sweet boy is something else. Has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve known! Can tell you some of the coolest stories and laugh for hours.

ADHD isn’t so bad after all. 🖤

Week after Thanksgiving!


If your anything like me, you probably haven’t completely cleaned your house from all the cooking, eating, company, etc. I know I haven’t. It’s a dreaded thing for me.

I enjoy cooking holiday dinners, having family over and just enjoying the happy times! But that mess… Not for me! I have actually managed to clean my dishes a few days ago, I’m a procrastinator. Not one of my best quality’s but I enjoy it! Lol

A mother of 4; 2 live here full time with my husband and I. The two younger and most rotten ones. They make cleaning like trying to get through a tornado on a bicycle.

Check them out. 👇

Anyway, I dread cleaning after the holidays! People come, eat, mess and leave. It’s all great but this is when you wish you had a Jeanie in a bottle to grant you 3 wishes. Seriously!

I’ll go be my own Jeanie and start working on this house! Wanted to share some thoughts and maybe you had a few giggles. ✌️

I need some good storage ideas! Especially for clothes if anyone has any ideas, drop them below in the comments!